Giving Back

Giving Back

At 13Core we believe in giving back to the communities that support us.

Who do we like to help?

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Charities and Community Programs

We at 13Core believe in helping those who help others. If you are a 501C3 organization or you directly help your community, come talk to us! We offer discounts to those who make the world better.

First Responders

We work with local fire, EMS, police, emergency agencies, and all other first responder organizations. We are dedicated in ensuring your websites exceed Accessibility and UI/UX standards. Please reach out to us if your website needs assistance as we have special discounts for those who put their lives on the line every day to keep us happy, healthy, and safe.

3 fireman taking someone out of a car during a training exercise
SPARCC Training 2024 Murphysboro, IL – Photo by Michele Jones ~ MJ Photo
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Five for the Future

Every person at 13Core believe in the Open Source Community and giving back to WordPress. We give our Five for the Future by speaking, volunteering, and organizing WordCamps, answering questions in plugin support, teaching others about WordPress and so much more.